What is Gua Sha

Getting the Grips on Gua Sha

And how to incorporate it into your daily skin-care routine

Gua Sha, [pronounced GWAH-SHAH] is an Ancient Chinese style treatment with many medicinal benefits. Using either a crystal dermal roller or Gua Sha tool; the method involves feather light scraping (‘Sha means to scrape’) of the skin to drain lymph nodes, remove toxins, sculpt + tone your face, improve appearance of skin tissue, promotes better circulation and improves skin texture and elasticity- basically meaning looking and feeling younger!

Gua Sha is best to be practised in the morning as part of your skin care routine. You can practise daily or 3 times a week for best results. The morning is a perfect time to work this into your routine, as it will leave you feeling fresh, uplifted, awake and ready to seize the day! I usually fit it into my morning skin-care routine after washing and cleansing my face.

I like to use a combination of the Gua Sha tool and a dermal roller, as there are very delicate areas of the face like around your eyes that you want to be really gentle with, so this is where I choose to use the roller. Most Gua Sha tools will come in either Rose Quartz or Jade crystal. I choose my crystals depending on my feelings, thoughts and needs. For example, if I wake up in a bad mood or just can’t seem to gather my thoughts, I’ll use my Jade crystal set, whereas if I’m feeling bad about myself or needing a bit of TLC, I’ll go with the Rose Quartz tools.

– Thought clarity
-Stabilising emotions
-Promoting health + natural healing
-Shields from incoming negative energy
-Clears any previous negative energy
-Enhances positivity
-Brings inner peace and calmness


-Symbolizes unconditional love
-The Heart stone
-Inspires the love of beauty in yourself + others
-Supports connection with attracting +
receiving love
-Helps forgiveness, understanding and
gain different perspectives
-Promotes the restoration of trust + harmony
-Amplifies self worth + love

Be sure to place your tools into the fridge overnight, so they are cool when you start the routine. The coolness will aid in tightening the skin and elasticity; resulting in younger looking skin- so don’t skip this step! If you forget to put them in the fridge before you go to bed, putting them in 30 minutes before you start should do the trick. (But they won’t stay as cold as long, meaning they might warm up before you finish). After washing and cleansing my face,  apply 1-2 drops of oil to each area you’re going to work on. I believe it’s best to start at the neck and work up, as your neck holds major lymph nodes, so opening these up first will help alleviate the toxins from your face a lot easier.

Before, during and after Gua Sha, you will want to stay well hydrated. This will ensure the skin cells are getting a boost as the blood rushes to the surface to help trigger skin rejuvenation. You want to make sure your movements are soft and slow with intention. Ensure you hold your stone flat to your face and apply light to medium pressure and repeat each movement 5-10 times.

When working on the areas of your face, avoid any irritations, breakouts or raised scars with the Gua Sha tool, and depending on the sensitivity you’re welcome to use the Jade dermal roller to gently roll the oil into your skin and promote healing of the area. If it is too sensitive, avoid it altogether until properly healed.

Watch this easy step-by-step tutorial below where it shows each movement, which areas of your stones to use, and the correct flow. Follow along and see how this can totally change how you feel in the morning and through-out the day- who doesn’t want to be more confident, youthful and radiant!?  

If you would like to view a Gua Sha tutorial click here.