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Hit Reset at Zen Den Floathouse Cafe Your Ultimate Sunshine Coast Chill-Out Den

for Wellness, Relaxation, and Premium Quality,
Organic Plant-based Foods, Coffees, and Teas

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Hit Reset at Zen Den Floathouse Cafe Your Ultimate Sunshine Coast Chill-Out Den

for Wellness, Relaxation, and Premium Quality,
Organic Plant-based Foods, Coffees, and Teas

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Revive | Regenerate | Recalibrate

● Cafe Open 7 Days a week from 8:00 am

● Floathouse Open 7 Days a week from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm

● Ideal for Locals, Guests, Sports Enthusiasts & Pamper Groups

Float Your Way to that Stress Free Feeling

Zen Den Floathouse Cafe​ is set to be the Sunshine Coast’s trendiest float centre, and plant based cafe, offering a range of natural stress relief and deep relaxation therapies at unbeatable prices.


Float Therapy

Float therapy ensures you are treated to an experience of total relaxation.

The supersaturated epsom salt solution ensures that you float effortlessly. The body absorption of magnesium from the epsom salts enhances muscle relaxation, relieves tension, and creates an environment to relax your mind.

Once inside the float capsule, outside noises and distractions are sealed off allowing you to naturally relax into a deep state of mental relaxation. Our hidden passive air circulation system also provides a comfortable floating experience without compromising temperature retention or sound proofing.

Rest and regeneration of your physical and mental faculties are guaranteed.


Enhanced-Float Therapy

Beyond floating, beyond relaxing, beyond meditation; be transported to a world unlike any float session you may have previously experienced.

Zen Den can provide tailor-made floatation sessions specifically composed with your goals in mind. Utilising customised audio sessions while floating, this Zen Den experience enables you to hack your brain with powerful conditioning sessions to utilise the neuroplasticity, modifying unwanted behaviour, providing positive affirmations, enhancing learning, building confidence, achieving your desires, calming your mind, managing pain and negativity, enhancing memory, improving sports performance, and a host of other amazing actions to create an overall condition of wellness.


Sound Therapy

Our Sound Therapy rooms have been specifically designed to work with binaural beat music. Although the creation of binaural beats music has only been possible through technological advancement in recent times, the use of this natural science dates back thousands of years. Many ancient cultures knew that repetitive sounds could be used to entrain the brain.

Repetitive drumming or chanting used by various cultures are able to induce brainwave states for transcending consciousness, improving concentration, relieving pain, create healing, and provide spiritual growth.


Light Therapy

Albert Einstein taught us that every living entity produces an electromagnetic field with a vibrational frequency and that energy and matter are interchangeable and transferable. Based on this principle, Light Therapy has a long and interesting history.

Our LED Infrared Spa capsules are the best on the market. Advanced light technology combines four specific light waves with the far infrared rays to produce the perfect biological effect on both your body and mind. You’ll feel the physical and mental harmony as you lie in our capsules.

Quantum Therapy Mats

Energise your wellness with the Zen Den Quantum Mat. Quantum refers to the packets of energy and its influence on how energy and matter interact. Energy can be absorbed or released in discrete packets of ‘energy elements’. Our mats are designed to optimise the science of these energy elements.

The Quantum mats utilises a number of features to maximise the benefits to you. By combining 6 interconnecting therapies, we ensure you achieve maximum benefits for your wellness and wellbeing.

These benefits include:

● Reducing stress and fatigue
● Boosting mood and clearing brain fog
● Increasing blood circulation
● Assisting nerve regeneration
● Decreasing inflammation and assisting in pain management
● Helping arthritis and osteo management
● Improving sports performance
● Natural detoxification
● Anti-aging benefits

● Improving sleep
● Supporting the immune system

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Zen Den Plant-based Cafe

Enjoy the food and drinks experience in the Sunshine Coasts No. 1 plant based cafe. Zen Den has created the ultimate chilled out, relaxed plant based cafe experience on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you choose a booth, table dining, or benches with charging facilities, you can be guaranteed the finest wholesome, organic, plant based ingredients in each and every meal.

Our chefs ensure that the food they serve is healthy and delicious, that will not only nourish and satisfy you, but let you feel better by positively contributing to a kinder and safer planet for all beings.

Our organic coffees and teas are the best on the Coast. With gluten free options and a variety of great vegan meals and snacks, our cafe style foods ensure there is something for everyone.


Retail Room

Zen Den has sourced the finest vegan products for our customers.

Health and Beauty

Starting with Australia’s No1 vegan cosmetic brand – Aliscio Cosmetics. An Australian owned and operated business, you can be assured of luxurious quality, gorgeous products at an affordable price. All their products are 100% natural, totally vegan, and cruelty free. The products are perfect for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin. Aliscio guarantees no animal testing of any kind has been performed or utilised, no animal derived ingredients are used, and no components made from animals or produced from animals are used. Totally vegan and cruelty free – the way we like them.

Food Products
Our very own organic, vegan coffees and teas will be available for purchase for those connoisseur s that want to match their ethics with the highest of tastes.

Homeware Products
Browse through our retail area to secure that added addition for your Den. It could be something for your wardrobe, a souvenir from our merchandise options, or that little well deserved treat for yourself.

Relaxation Room

If you’re looking for a laid back environment utilising the latest stress reduction technologies to ease tension, indulge in a pamper session, or simply enjoy the ultimate chill-out experience with loved ones, you’re in the right place!

With plenty of natural therapies to choose from, and packages ideal for couples, groups, corporate wellness retreats and more, come see for yourself why Zen Den Floathouse Cafe is the place to be.

Enjoy complimentary teas while chilling out in our relaxation area after you have experienced a float or any one of our other stress reducing technologies. And when you are finished nurturing your mind, step into the Sunshine Coasts No1 plant based cafe to nourish your body.


The Sunshine Coast Float Tank Destination for All

Conveniently located at the Mantra Sirocco Apartments in Mooloolaba , your Zen Den relaxation centre and vegan cafe is conveniently located just off the Bruce Highway, and within a 20 min drive of most major Sunshine Coast towns.

We are opening 7 Days a week from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

Starting at just $30 for Sound Therapy Sessions, and $70 for an hour long float pod session, our cafe is ideal for weary travelers, tired sporting enthusiasts, stressed out uni students all in need of some well earned rest and relaxation.

Group Packages

These therapies, treatments, living foods and facilities are also ideal for presents, pampering and play:

● Girl’s Day Out
● Sporting Team Recovery
● Couples Relaxation Therapy
● Mother & Daughter Dates
● Father & Son Bonding
● Corporate Relaxation Retreats
● And so much more!

Accompanied by the first plant-based cafe of its kind in Mooloolaba, Zen Den Floathouse Cafe provides everything you could ever need for your wellbeing.


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