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Zen Den offers a range of Massage, Wellness and Beauty Services

Located in the arcade of the Mantra Sirocco Apartments in Mooloolaba,  Zen Den brings together the best in  massage, float therapy, natural therapies, beauty therapy and pamper packages

Zen Den Day Spa Massage, Wellness and Beauty Therapies

Benefits of Float Therapy


5 Health and Healing Benefits of Floatation Pods

The use of water for therapy is no modern procedure. It’s has been carried out for hundreds of years and forms an integral part of ancient and traditional health restorative and medical practises.

•  Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain
•  Rehabilitates injured muscles
•  Boosts the immune system
•  Encourages detoxification
•  Relieves stress

Furthermore, float therapy has been proven to relax the mind and restore the senses, allowing for a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep at night. And, thanks to the Epsom Salts used in float therapy, many people experience a considerable improvement in their skin after only a few floats!
Please note you must wait 7 days before floating after having your hair coloured, having a spray tan or having tattoos or piercings.

What To Expect From
Your Float Pod Session

Benefits of Enhanced-Float Therapy

Zen Den can transport our clients to a place of positive change via our unique enhanced float therapy sessions utilising patented ISM system (Interhemispheric Synchronic Meditation) tools. By simply relaxing and listening while you float, our highly complex, multi-track sound sessions will engage your mind and transport you to a place of deep learning. It is completely safe and is suitable for all users.

5 Health and Healing Benefits of Enhanced Float Therapy

•  Improves your floatation experience
•  Targets specific goals of the clients
(improved sleep, concentration, learning)
•  Enables change of unwanted behaviours
(drugs, alcohol, smoking)
•  Enhances human performance
(learning, sports performance)
•  Creates an overall condition of wellness
(mindfulness, pain management, inner peace, confidence, creativity)

Mind Energy

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy uses binaural beats to assist in stress, anxiety, memory enhancement, sleep, pain relief, motivation, energy, concentration and learning. The binaural beats train the brain to shift into one of the five key brainwave states. Each of these states is related to a specific range of frequencies, which have specific benefits. This range of frequencies are commonly known as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma.

In almost every ancient culture, repetitive beat formats have played an important role in well-being and prosperity. Through the use of repetitive drumming, chants, gongs, and bells, many cultures have been able to induce specific states. It’s now widely known that sound had powerful healing properties.

Now with modern technology, our sound engineers with over 25+ years experience, have developed the ultimate in Sound Therapy.

10 Health Benefits of Receiving SOUND THERAPY

•  Relieves stress
•  Relieves fatigue
•  Promotes relaxation
•  Increases focus
•  Accelerates learning
•  Improves memory
•  Enhances creativity
•  Improves sleep
•  Provides deep meditation
•  Improves whole brain functioning

Thermal Crystal Mat 

Health Benefits of Thermal Crystal Mats

•  Reducing stress and fatigue
•  Boosting mood and clearing brain fog
•  Increasing blood circulation
•  Assisting nerve regeneration
•  Decreasing inflammation
•  Assisting in pain management
•  Helping arthritis and osteo management
•  Improving sports performance
•  Natural detoxification
•  Anti-aging benefits
•  Improving sleep
•  Supporting the immune system

Light Therapy Mooloolaba

Light Therapy

Albert Einstein taught us that every living entity produces an electromagnetic field with a vibrational frequency and that energy and matter are interchangeable and transferable. Based on this principle, Light and Sound Therapy has long and interesting history.

Sonic vibration was known to be the fundamental creative force in the universe, and while light, music and sound have a rich, long and interesting history, it is said that the first known culture to heal with sound are the Aboriginal people here in Australia. For at least 40,000 years didgeridoo has been used as a healing tool.

Based on the principle that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that imbalances have frequencies that can be rebalanced, light and sound therapy use resonant vibration to restore health to the body and electromagnetic field.

10 Health Benefits of Receiving Light Therapy

•  Improves blood circulation
•  Improves complexion
•  Reduces wrinkles, spots, and acne
•  Revitalises skin tissue
•  Stimulates metabolism
•  Improves digestion
•  Relieves pain
•  Relieves stress
•  Reduces fatigue
•  Improves sleep

Infrared Sauna

A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. An infra-red sauna safely and effectively warms your body directly without the need to warm the air, through its Infra-red panels. This heat is able to penetrate more deeply than conventional saunas. Numerous studies have shown a variety of benefits with no ill effects in using infra-red saunas. 

These benefits include:

  1. Relaxation: The heat generated will relax muscles, relieve tension, and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.
  2. Improved circulation: The heat from the sauna will increase your core temperature, increase circulation, and elicit effect similar and increase the amount of calories you use.
  3. Pain relief: Our sauna can relieve muscle aches or joint pain by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.
  4. Skin purification:  Our saunas can help your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores, increase the temperature of your surface skin levels, resulting in softer, clearer, and healthier looking skin.

10 Health Benefits of Visiting Saunas

•  Clears the Skin
•  Relieves Tension
•  Removes Toxins
•  Reduces Stress
•  Post-workout Relaxation
•  Can Aid Weight Loss
•  Opens Sinuses
•  Promotes Healthy Blood Flow
•  Can Increase Flexibility
•  It Can be Fun

Woman Having A Back Oil Massage

Massage & Natural Therapy Services

There is no better place to relax, spend time out on yourself, and revitalise your body and soul. You can indulge in a relaxing massage to give yourself the quality time to recover from the stressors of everyday life.

Combat signs of stress on your body and skin by rejuvenating with a variety of Zen Den natural therapy options. Using only the best natural, vegan products, you can be assured of unsurpassed quality and results.

Health Benefits of Massage

•  Lowers blood pressure
•  Improves peripheral circulation
•  Improves skin tone and appearance
•  Reduces muscle tension such as the relief of muscle tension headaches
•  Relieves any stress-related symptoms

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Our friendly team so looks forward to welcoming you
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To come on this journey with us
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Our friendly team so looks forward to welcoming you
to the Sunshine Coast’s Ultimate Chill-Out Den!